Doing nice activities~

hello readerss ~

how are you ? just hope you are fine hahaha

hmmm in my first diary blog i just wanna say

hahaha today is august 31st 2011, which mean wednesday now ! hahahaa

and you know in eid fitri day we always sholat eid and apologize each other ~ hahaha

but just few people who i apologized  today :p


btw, i just opened the NICEEEEEEEEEEE~~ websites. The  NICEEEEEEEEEEE~~ websites will i mention to you.

#1 Zenius English in this site you will learn all about english. Grammar, idiom, etc. And the language is not boring. This site writing for teenager. You’ll get a awesome knowledge if you open it. trust me ! hahahaaa

but if you have twitter, it will be more awesome ! just follow @zeniusenglish , you’ll get english knowledge in your twitter.  

#2 Kaskus  in this site you will get many knowledge like health (this is i like),  motivator, quote, and many more. I proud this site coz it made by indonesian people 😀 Of course this site is written by indonesian language.

#3 Natasha in Seoul

are you kpopers? and wanna go to there?? just read this blog ! it’s all about korea. how you go to there, boyband and many more. And you know the owner’s blog is american ! aWesome!! she can speak korea!

#4 Apa Saja yang terjadi di jepang

in top of this topis i  mentioned about korea. Now it’s about JAPAN ~ all info about japan in this site! and many interesting thing you can get ^^ there are video, news, motivate about ppl in japan, food and many more. but for foreign , that shame , bcz it write by indonesia language. 

so that i doing in this day !! thank you for read my first diary blog ! see ya~~~~~~ 


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